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In order to offer a premium delivery service we are partnered with royal mail uk/international and trusted courier services DHL and DPD to ship all UK orders. All European and international deliveries are handled by DHL Express, FedEx or we may use other courier services if needed.

our offered delivery services are

UK Saturday - UK Sunday - UK Standard - Europe & International

Please allow for 2 - 7 business days for delivery

Our partners have saved more than 48,786 lbs (22,129 kgs) of plastic since February 2020. We also donate damaged and returned products to local charities.

Returns and Exchanges

91 APPAREL are more than happy to refund any item within 30 days for any ITEMS THAT ARRIVE IN AN UNUSABLE STATE.

Fill in the return form and note the reason for your return. place this, together with the item(s) you wish to return in the parcel. You can return more than one order or parcel at once, providing that you include all relevant returns notes in the parcel.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email or text (Opt in for messaging) of your order confirmation. When your order is dispatched, We'll text you your tracking number and let you know your corresponding delivery courier service so you can see your goods heading your way.

All orders: We operate on a Delivered Duty Paid basis. This means that all import taxes and duties, as well as applicable VAT, are already included in the price of the goods in your order.

UK VAT will not be charged for international orders.


The facilities we use are dedicated to exploring new and environmentally conscious ways of making our products. Together we are continuously working on improving our internal recycling system and keeping coworkers informed about best practices.

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