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April 9, 2021
Umang Sakar art blog

Large spaces of color, loud, a mix of hot and cool colours.

Screaming free-association with his work Umang Sakwar brings to life the canvas and his thoughts by allowing himself to be non-judgmental and letting the canvas breathe and talk by itself through the use of colours, lines and marks and every so often text.'When I paint, the process of painting large spaces of colours grants the beginning of construction of the painting which I then use to build subsequent layers as I freely associate'

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Dance of the serpent by Umang Sakar

(CaN YOU SPOT THE SNaKE?) The Dance of the Serpent - Umang Sawkar (b. 2000)

Here artist seems to be mapping out potential structures and figures while the movement continues to carry on underneath in this drawing, in what seems to be a blend of three dimensional and flat structures. This is essentially an abstract piece melding with the dynamic flow of the lines reminiscent of the beauty of spider webs, forming structures and figures that dance within the composition. There is a vivid sense of energy in the line work that is distinctly the artist’s style. The entire composition condenses itself into a cumulus cloud while holding onto its individual entities tightly. A serpent slithers around the cloud, moving throughout the area but uses camouflage to bury itself under the composition.

The Ascend by Umang Sakar

(CaN YOU MaKE OUT aLL OF THE aNIMaLS?) The ascend - Umang Sawker (b. 2021)

A clash of various ambiguous structures and shapes to form an ascending spiral from the very bottom. Strikingly similar to The Dance of the Serpent coupled with its own flair this is an abstract drawing with the similar process of mark making. This drawing is made as a homage for nature’s fauna.Many animals and birds are visible in the rings of the drawing such as the crow in the second outer ring, the ox at the top and various others. The energizing line work in the drawing brings a sense of vitality in the composition. This is the artist way of exercising free association.

Umang Sakar art blog

(SHARE YOUR MIND) Welcome to the Tunnel - Umang Sawker (b. 2021)

“Welcome to the tunnel” is an acrylic painting on paper. The work is an introductory piece of the artist’s sketchbook. Standing in the right is a self-portrait of the artist with a highly saturated red hue to contrast the purple tunnel in the background that acts as a channel into his mind.  You find yourself standing at the foot of this tunnel like vortex with the artist himself guarding the opening. A sketch book project based on the  exploration of a hedonistic philosophy, an interest of mine at that point in time, the painting flows with deep purple, a color associated with luxury and sharp red as a foresight to adopting such a philosophy of extreme physical pleasure.

Umang Sakar

About The Artist - Umang Sawkar

UMANG SAWKAR (b. 2000, India) is a mixed media artist based in London. He is interested in the creative process that envelops the very production of the work he makes. The artist’s work is a rough ensemble of his reflections of the idea of consciousness and the body and mind as its vehicle, exploration of his identity and cultural background in contrast to his current residence in London, all manifested through the artist’s stream of consciousness. Most of his work is characterized by pastel and acrylic drawings and text over large spaces of thinned washed colours.

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